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N-Video Streaming Application

We ensure our viewers experience high-quality content coupled with an uninterrupted streaming experience. The scalable platform, powered with smart algorithms, function as per viewers’ requirements. So, what’s the hold-up? Equip your business with the most exceptional video streaming platform and surpass users’ imagination all-time, every time.

  • Adaptive Video Streaming: As per the network availability, the smart feature adapts the video streaming process. Hence, from low to high network bandwidth, the quality changes between 144pto 1080p full HD.
  • Share Video: Users via the feature can share video links with friends and family. Links can be shared between registered users and non-registered users via push, SMS, email, and other messaging platforms.
  • Subscription: Boost business revenue with weekly, monthly, or yearly subscription packages. Modify offering under each package as per discretion.
  • Offline View: With premium membership, users can view and enjoy their favorite videos during the absence of the internet and mobile network. Viewers can download videos and watch them under offline mode.
  • Profile: Users can personalize their profile and edit as per their discretion. Additionally, viewers can manage their videos, subscription, review watch history, and much more.
  • Add/Edit/Remove Video: Admins via the dashboard can upload new videos, edit existing contents, and remove motion pictures as per their business requirements.
  • Search & Filter: The search option eliminates the need to browse through the entire app. Furthermore, activating filters such as genre, length, language, age group, and others enhances search results.
  • Analytics: Business admins make informed decisions with detailed and real-time reports comprising the number of subscriptions, user behaviors, user engagement, and others.
  • Watchlist: The unique feature allows users to create a bucket list comprising movies, TV-shows, documentaries, and other videos they wish to watch later.